The D&G Pacific Corporation provides Environment Friendly Cleaning services through organic solutions (non-toxic, super cleaners/de-greasers) achieving a 100% natural, green cleaning process.

Using this technology, we contract on an on-going basis to ensure that the level of cleanliness related to the solutions we provide is excellent.


D&G Pacific offers green cleaning solutions to Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Clubs, Fast Food Chains, and many others. Specifically, these green solutions include cleaning, oil dispersal and degreasing of kitchen floor drains, grease traps, drainage system, hood filters and panels. Our results bring down BOD levels to significant amounts


D&G Pacific presents green cleaning solutions to maritime vessels and shipyards. Our trained professionals and developed systems together with only the best green solutions cleanse and wash fuel tanks, ballast tanks, bilge tanks, engine rooms, steam rooms, pump rooms, and much more.


D&G Pacific provides green general cleaning services to poultry farms, piggery farms, and the like. These services include deep cleaning, treatment, maintenance, disinfect, and manure cleansing. We make sure all waste matter are recycled and/or quality organic fertilizer.